Christopher Wright

Chris Wright is a first generation American, born in the United States to British parents who immigrated to Oklahoma five years prior to his birth. As a boy, Chris went on many international flights from the US to England in order to visit family. These flights first sparked his interest in aviation. Being given the opportunity to tour the cockpit and see the pilots in action on these flights started his lifelong love for aviation. He still has a collection of junior pilot wings given to him when he toured the cockpit on such flights.

Before becoming a pilot, Chris served in the Army for eight years right after high school.
During his service, he had many duty stations, which included: Fort Sill in Oklahoma, Fort Jackson in South Carolina, and Fort Sam Huston in Texas. Chris was also deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was stationed in Kuwait and Iraq. Although he enjoyed being in the service and the traveling it afforded him, Chris decided his love for aviation needed to be his focus.

While living in Texas, Chris took an introductory flight which cemented his choice to become a pilot. He chose to attend Kansas State University in Salina, KS to continue his education, gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Aero Technologies. While attending K-State, Chris held an internship position with Kansas Air Center in Manhattan, KS. Here he worked as a pilot, flight instructor, and line technician for two years.

After completing his Bachelor’s Degree at the end of 2015, Chris moved to Kansas City, MO to become a flight instructor with ATD Flight Systems. You can schedule an introductory flight with Chris by calling him at 405.397.2585 or emailing him at

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