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ATD Flight Systems is proud to offer an accelerated program for aspiring professional pilots. ATD can take you from Private Pilot all the way to Commercial and Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI) in under nine months. Ask about our recruitment relationships with regional airlines!

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Accelerated Program Maximum hours per rating:

Private Pilot – 47 hours in Warrior, 5 hours in a Simulator

Instrument Rating – 32 hours in a Warrior, 14 hours in a Simulator

Commercial Pilot – 101 hours in aircraft (10 in an Arrow), 23.5 hours in a Simulator

Multi Engine Rating – 7.5 hours in a Seminole, 8 hours in a Simulator

Certified Flight Instructor – 10 hours in a Warrior

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument – 10 hours in the Simulator, 10 hours in a Warrior

Multi Engine Instructor – 15 hours in a Seminole

In order to apply for the Accelerated program you must have a FAA medical (not included in the total cost).  We recommend you apply for a 1st Class medical to make sure you do not have a limiting health issue, however, you are only required a 3rd class medical for training.


Meet the fleet much
does it cost?

Accelerated Training Cost from
Student Pilot to Multi Engine
Instructor - $67,000

That's over 20% cheaper than our competitors!

Total cost includes:

FAA written tests, FAA Designated Examiner Fees
(up to $800 per checkride, $1200 for CFI checkride),
Study material, Ground and Flight Instruction.

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