Aircraft Rental Agreement

  1. ATD Flight Systems hereby agrees to rent the Aircraft to me, on a non-exclusive basis, in accordance with the terms of this Rental Agreement for my use in furtherance of training or rental of the Aircraft. My use of the Aircraft is determined solely by ATD Flight Systems, and such use may be denied by ATD at any time and for any reason.
  2. I am responsible for the safe and conscientious operation of the Aircraft until it is returned and secured at ATD Flight System’s facilities. I will personally conduct a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and report any discrepancies prior to the flight. All Aircraft discrepancies will be documented by renter/pilot on the status board, notated in the Flight Schedule Pro software, and/or provided in such other location as may be directed by ATD Flight Systems (and as may change from time to time at the sole discretion of ATD Flight Systems). I will verify times of inspections due prior to start of Aircraft.
  3. I will not use the Aircraft for flight instruction to any individual, unless I am an authorized ATD Flight Systems instructor on a specified dual training flight. I will pilot the Aircraft from the command seat (left side) and will act as Pilot in Command and sole manipulator of the controls at all times. The renter who signs this Rental Agreement will be the only operator of the Aircraft.
  4. I will only land at FAA designated airports that are safe and suitable under the prevailing conditions with a minimum of 3,000 feet of runway.
  5. I will not use, operate or allow ATD Flight Systems’ Aircraft to be used or operated (a) beyond gliding distance of any shoreline, (b) in any race, speed test or contest, (c) for transportation of persons or property for hire, (d) to tow an object I for any illegal purpose, (e) by any person other than Renter who signed this Rental Agreement, or (f) outside of the United States, unless prior approval is given by ATD Flight Systems’ management.
  6. I agree that the Aircraft will not be maintained, used, operated, or stored in violation of any applicable law or any rule, regulation, or order of any government or governmental authority having jurisdiction (domestic or foreign), or in violation of any airworthiness certificate, license, or registration relating to the Aircraft or its use. Aircraft operations shall be limited to operations allowed under Part 91 of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations unless specifically approved by ATD Flight Systems. Operator further agrees not to operate or locate the Aircraft or suffer the Aircraft to be operated or located in any area excluded from coverage by the Aircraft insurance.
  7. I will telephone ATD Flight Systems at 816-221-8455 if I am unable to return the Aircraft at the agreed time for any reason or encounter any maintenance problem while away from ATD Flight Systems.
  8. I agree to pay any landing fees, tie down fees, or any other charge incurred by me while the Aircraft is in my possession.
  9. I will pay a minimum charge of .3 hours for each hour that I have the Aircraft scheduled and/or have the Aircraft in my possession, whichever is greater, between the normal business hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM unless prior arrangements have been approved by ATD maanagement. There is no charge applied for reservations outside of normal business hours or if the plane is reserved overnight.
  10. Extended flights of more than three days must be requested and approved by management with current contact information before putting the flight on the schedule
    1. All scheduling will be done via Flight Schedule Pro (FSP) or by calling the office personnel(dispatcher) who will post it to FSP.
    2. Cancellations/No Shows/Late Returns – I accept and will abide by the then-current cancellation and no-show policy of ATD Flight Systems. If I am unable to fly an Aircraft as scheduled, I will cancel in a timely manner via FSP, and by calling the office during normal business hours at 816-221-8455 to advise them of the cancellation. As of the date of this Rental Agreement, the following penalties are in affect if not canceled in a timely manner:
      • There is no penalty for cancellation due to weather, illness or maintenance problems. Safety and good aeronautical decision making is respected and appreciated. But please cancel as soon as possible.
      • Late cancellations/No Shows (after the initial scheduled time has passed) will be charged .3 hours per hour for at least the first two hours of scheduled time and if a dual flight, a charge of one hour of dual to be paid to the flight instructor at the renters expense. The schedule will then be removed after one hour and the Aircraft made available to the public unless ATD has heard from the renter.
      • Late returns cannot be tolerated without timely notification to ATD so that we may notify the next renter as soon as possible. Please respect this rule.
      • To be clear about this, communication is key to avoiding excess charges; please talk to us and let us know what is happening. We want each Renter’s flight to go as planned, and without any inconvenience to the next pilot as well. These policies are to ensure accurate Aircraft and instructor scheduling and efficient use of resources.
      • The Cancellations/No-Shows/Late Returns is subject to revisions by ATD in ATD’s sole discretion.
  11. I will report all accidents, major or minor, to ATD Flight Systems at once, together with the names and addresses of witnesses and involved parties. In the event of an accident I will not permit the Aircraft to be moved unless expressly authorized by ATD Flight Systems or local, state, or federal authorities and will do all that I can to protect the Aircraft and its equipment from further loss.
  12. I agree to pay my bill immediately after completion of any flight, or if after hours, I will call ATD the next day to pay this bill over the phone, email, or allow ATD to charge my credit card if one is on file. Interest charges on any balance remaining in delinquent status may apply if not resolved in a timely fashion. I will also pay to ATD any sales, retail, or transactional tax due as a result of the rental payment.
  13. I will accept the Hobbs Meter reading to the next highest tenth if it is showing. If no Hobbs Meter is installed, or is inoperative or has failed, the tachometer will be used and the flight time will be computed at 1.2 times the tachometer time. Should the starting time be recorded incorrectly, I must bring this to the attention to the dispatch office or management before starting the flight.
  14. I agree to pay the cost of recovering the Aircraft if abandoned away from the Downtown Kansas City, Charles B. Wheeler Airport (MKC) including: all transportation expenses for one pilot to the abandoned Aircraft, pilot time at standard solo rate for all time recorded on the Aircraft while away from home base, and all other costs directly related to this operation.
  15. I will obtain weather reports, forecasts, NOTAMs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and everything required by FARs to file FAA flight plans for all cross-country flights, and to use the Aircraft only for this purpose and over the route specified. Flight following is also recommended and is considered mandatory if a flight plan has not been filed.
  16. Should I need to purchase fuel for the Aircraft at my own expense, I will have it credited to my account for the amount of my purchase in accordance with the current ATD Flight Systems reimbursement rate (up to $6.00 per gallon). I understand all purchases must be documented with an original receipt at the time the Aircraft is returned. Each ATD Aircraft has a Multi Service Credit Card located in the flight log and may be used if it is accepted by the FBO.
  17. I agree to see that the Aircraft is securely tied down in a proper area, master battery and ignition switches off, controls secured, and doors locked when parked away from ATD Flight Systems. I will report any suspicious or criminal activity to ATD Flight Systems (816-221-8455), MKC Airport Security, the Airport Watch Hotline (1-866/GA-SECURE) or local Authorities (911) as necessary.
  18. I agree to remain current in each Aircraft I fly in accordance with FARs and to have a recheck if I have not flown an ATD Flight Systems Aircraft within the preceding 90 days. I will remain knowledgeable of the Aircraft, its systems, and subsystems and agree to comply with all POH limitations, warnings, and cautions for the Aircraft. Renters who are not current or familiar with Aircraft will complete a minimum one-hour checkout with an ATD Flight Systems instructor. This currency will include a Flight Review if one is needed.
  19. . I will operate in accordance with all applicable FAA regulations. Any pilot who acts in an unsafe manner in the air or on the ground or who knowingly violates FARs, at the sole discretion of ATD Flight Systems management, may have their rental privileges terminated.
  20. I will pay all sales and uses taxes in accordance with state laws. I agree to indemnify and hold ATD Flight Systems harmless for any taxies, duties, or other fees related to my use or operation of the Aircraft.
  21. I will not perform or authorize any repairs or adjustments, nor make any purchases in relation to the Aircraft without authorization from ATD Flight Systems’ management. All repairs and fueling will be made by properly licensed facilities and personnel.
    • Except for minor repairs of scheduled maintenance performed by qualified personnel, costing $100.00 or less. Renter will not have repairs made to any part of the Aircraft or its equipment without specific authorization from ATD Flight Systems.
    • In the event of required repairs when the estimated down-time exceeds 24 hours, the Renter has the option of: (1) returning by other means at his or her own expense, in which case expenses incurred in bringing the Aircraft home will be borne by ATD Flight Systems, or (2) remaining with the Aircraft at his or her own expense until repairs have been completed enabling completion of flight plan and return to home base.
    • If the Aircraft is abandoned away from the home base airport for reasons within the Renter’s control, the Renter will be charged pilot expenses plus flight time at dual rates to return the Aircraft to home base.
    • ATD Flight Systems will not reimburse the Renter for any overtime charges, call-out fees, or any other after-hours charges made by a maintenance facility. Other expenses incurred by the Renter as a result of a mechanical delay such as rental cars, hotel rooms, meals, airline fare, etc. will not be reimbursed.
  22. During each rental period and until such time as the Aircraft is returned to ATD’s home base at the Downtown Airport in Kansas City, MO (KMKC), I assume and shall bear the entire risk of any loss or damage to the Aircraft to the extent not covered by insurance. ATD charges a $1.85 deductible fee for each Aircraft rental. Should an incident occur involving an insurance claim, ATD will cover the deductible. Please notify ATD of any damage so that they may ground the Aircraft for repairs.
  23. I will not smoke in the Aircraft. If found to be in violation of ATD Flight Systems’ non-smoking policy, I forfeit all privileges as an ATD Flight Systems customer and agree to pay a cleaning charge.
  24. I will provide all necessary personal identification and information as requested by ATD Flight Systems in a timely manner (10 business days prior to first (or next) operation of the Aircraft) including, but not limited to: driver’s license, pilot’s license, passport, medical certificate, log book verification, and applicable visas. I also understand that I will not be allowed to rent an ATD Aircraft without an ATD instructor until ATD has received these documents.
  25. I understand that I may be subject to a background check and associated fees as required by the FAA or other regulatory agencies.
  26. I will maintain Aircraft security and cleanliness by following the checklist (i.e.: electrical switches, fuel selector valve, control-lock, proper tie-down, locking all doors and installing pitot tube cover) and removing all trash from the Aircraft after each flight and agree to pay a cleaning fee for especially dirty Aircraft (vomit, and food/soda spills) if deemed necessary in ATD management’s sole discretion.
  27. I may not practice or intentionally spin an ATD Flight Systems Aircraft except as part of an authorized training syllabus and with written permission from ATD management.
  28. Only 100LL aviation fuel will be used in ATD Flight Systems’ Aircraft. Auto gasoline is NOT permitted. When outside air temperature is above 75 degrees Fahrenheit – tanks should not be filled past the bottom of the tank neck (to prevent fuel overflow siphoning). Fueling rules are subject to change by ATD.
  29. If I plan to fly an ATD Flight Systems Aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR), I understand that I must have an IFR checkout by an ATD Flight Systems instructor. Night visual flight rules (VFR) cross-country is limited to currently qualified instrument rated pilots, or those pilots who have completed a night checkout by an ATD Flight Systems instructor.
  30. The cost of a check returned by our bank, for any reason, is $25.00.
  31. Pilots are encouraged to further protect themselves by purchasing a “Non-Owner Rental Insurance” policy.
  32. ATD Flight Systems’ management reserves the rights to alter, modify, amend, remove, waive, or add any rule by notifying all pilots. Any pilot who flies an ATD Flight Systems Aircraft after receipt of notification has, by implication, acknowledged and accepted the rule.
  33. This Rental Agreement shall be governed by and is to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of Missouri, exclusive of its conflict of law rules.
  34. I acknowledge that neither ATD nor its officers, directors, employees, contractors, or agents is making, has made, or shall be deemed to be making or have made, any warranty or representation, either express or implied, written or oral, with respect to the aircraft rented hereunder or any engine or component thereof, including, without limitation, any warranty as to design, compliance with specifications, quality of materials or workmanship, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, use or operation, airworthiness, safety, patent, trademark or copyright infringement, or title.
  35. Time is of the essence in this Rental Agreement.
  36. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this Rental Agreement, or any portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision of the Rental Agreement will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to affect the intent of Renter and ATD, and the remainder of the Rental Agreement will continue in full force and effect.
  37. Failure by either Party to enforce any provision of this Rental Agreement will not be deemed a waiver of future enforcement of that or any provision.

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