Chris Jones

Christian grew up in San Diego, California and had always dreamed of becoming a pilot. As a surfer throughout his teenage years, Christian had always participated in his high school’s surf club. He also played football and soccer for his school teams, and has always been very competitive when it came to sports.

One day Christian was asked if he would like to ride in the back seat of a V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza. There was a lot about aviation that he didn’t understand, but he was glad he took the opportunity and has pursued his dream of flying ever since.

Once Christian reached military age, he joined the Active Duty Air Force. Throughout his military career, Christian’s leadership qualities started to quickly develop. He then channeled his newly found focus into his aviation career earning his commercial and flight instructor certificates. Christian completed his active duty enlistment contract with the Air Force, and is now working with the Missouri Air National Guard at Whiteman Air Force Base.

After meeting his wife, he stayed in the Midwest and now calls Kansas City home. Being the first in his family to become a pilot, Christian actively promotes the ever-growing general aviation industry by volunteering with the local Civil Air Patrol squadron; he does this with intense enthusiasm and a passion for excellence. Christian is thrilled to have the ability to share aviation and piloting with his students, making their dreams come alive.

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