Matt Tie

Matt grew up in the Philippines near Manila and began working in his father’s family fishing business early in life at age seven. Matt’s jobs in the fishing fleet revolved around fishing and
teaching other how to fish commercially. Beginning to teach others at such an early age helped refine his teaching skills and it reinforced his strong desire to help others acquire lifelong skills. As Matt grew older, he continued taking on more and more responsibility within the business.

One day while on a fishing trip, he caught his first glimpse of a Cessna Skyhawk and after seeing the small single engine airplane up there soaring with the seabirds, Matt’s interest in aviation
and desire to become a pilot was ignited.

After graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and moving to San Diego, Matt turned his full attention to aviation and set his sights on becoming a professional
flight instructor. Matt began his flight training in some of the busiest airspace in the world, flying out of Montgomery-Gibbs Field in San Diego. While in San Diego Matt was able to collect his Private, Instrument, and Commercial pilot ratings and mastered his ability to navigate the heavy air traffic load in San Diego.

After meeting his wife-to-be in San Diego, they moved to the Midwest and now call Kansas City home. Being the first in his family to be a pilot, Matt actively promotes the ever-growing general aviation industry in much the same way he has always promoted fishing to everyone – with intense enthusiasm and a passion for excellence. Matt is thrilled to have the ability to
share aviation and piloting with his student, making their dreams come alive.

You can schedule an introductory flight with Matt by calling him at 619-791-3407 or emailing him at

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