Ryan Westward

As long as Ryan can remember, he has been infatuated with flying. If something had wings, he wanted to fly it—and there may or may not have been a few attempts on his behalf to fly without wings by jumping off furniture or other elevated surfaces. After a few crash landings off the couch and a visit to the Air & Space Museum in Washington with his family as a child, it became evident to Ryan that aviation was going to be a pivotal part of his future.

 Venturing into adulthood, Ryan put his dreams of flight on hold while he pursued other career opportunities. He is eternally grateful and nostalgic for the friends he made and the opportunities he was given during those years, but the urge to fly was weighing heavy on Ryan. This unyielding desire is what brought Ryan into ATD. At that time, he had never flown in a small, single-engine airplane before, but his instructor, Bill Hays, and the crew at ATD Flight Systems encouraged him every step of the way. Ryan felt that a passion for aviation permeated the air at ATD, and he’s found that atmosphere to be instrumental in his success. With ATD, he has gone from zero hours of flight time to now teaching others as a CFI, CFII and MEI. Additionally, Ryan serves as a charter pilot for ATD on a Citation Bravo. He embraces the fact that he is able to teach others how to fly in the same welcoming, engaging atmosphere that he did at ATD, while also flying private charters with his original flight instructor, Bill Hays.

 When not at the airport, Ryan can be found rocking the airwaves as a favored Kansas City radio personality on 98.9 the Rock.

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