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“I made my first stop at ATD Flight Systems in 2004 when I was looking to find a quality flight school in the Kansas City area where I could pursue my Flight Instructor ratings. Bill Hays, the owner, was the first to greet me and introduce me to the school, and proceeded to show me around ATD’s facilities, providing me with all the information I needed for the ratings I was looking to acquire. He clearly left a lasting impression, as ATD was also my last stop that day. It took just that one introduction and tutorial for me to know that I would not be able to find a better place to pursue the quality of training and professionalism I was after.

Shortly thereafter, Bill helped me achieve my goal, and I went on to work as a Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot at ATD in the years that followed. In 2009, I left ATD to pursue a career as an air traffic controller, but I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without ATD Flight System’s guidance and support.”

-Reema Alexander, Air Traffic Control Specialist, FAA Washington Center

“ATD Flight systems helped me accomplish my dream to earn my private pilot license. The staff made sure that I was getting the best training possible and were always available when I needed special attention in certain areas.  My flight instructor, Bryce Johnson, made sure I was confident in every aspect of my flight training—a true professional.

Thanks to all that had a hand in my training.
And special recognition to the vision of ATD’s owner, Bill Hays.”
-Pat Elzey, Private Pilot

“After graduating from high school, I researched all the flight schools in the Kansas City area to begin my flight training, and it was ATD’s high level of professionalism that made it an easy choice for me. As a young female embarking on flight training in a male-dominated industry, I also appreciated the fact that ATD had both male and female instructors. At that time, I was about to head off to Lewis Univeristy, and by receiving my private pilot certificate at ATD prior to the start of school, I had a solid foundation to further my training at Lewis, where I received my instrument rating and commercial certificate.

While I can go on and on about the professionalism and expertise of ATD Flight Systems, I can also speak volumes about the sense of community at ATD. My instructor and the team became like family to me. I kept in touch with the team at ATD while attending Lewis and ultimately came back to ATD after graduation for CFI training and, upon completion, instructed there for a year. To this day, I still keep in touch with the owner, Bill Hays, and the staff, whom all still—and will—remain like family to me.”
-Rachel Lynch, Captain at Ameriflight, LLC

“Choosing ATD Flight Systems for my pilot training was, hands down, the best decision I ever made for my career. Bill and his team’s dedication and enthusiasm allowed me to pursue my flight training seamlessly from start to finish—though I hate to use the word finish; if my time at ATD has taught me anything, it’s that a good pilot is always learning. ATD’s faith in my progress as a professional pilot has allowed me to be where I am today. I would, without hesitation, recommend ATD Flight Systems to anyone for their flight training and charter needs.”
-Dan Harber, Captain/Safety Officer at Kansas City Life Insurance Company

“My journey with ATD Flight Systems began in May of 2010 when I began working on my private pilot’s license. I continued to climb the ranks, ultimately becoming a certified flight instructor, and ATD graciously gave me my first opportunity to instruct. I worked with ATD for years, eventually becoming the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor while also serving as a First Officer on the Charter team. None of these achievements would have been possible without the help and mentoring provided by ATD Flight Systems. The professionalism and knowledge of the instructors is top notch and undoubtedly exceeds that of any flight school in the Midwest.

With a strong sense of community at ATD, you don’t simply learn how to fly, but you also build relationships that will continue for the rest of your life. Choosing ATD for my training was by far the best decision I made for my flying career, and I will be forever grateful for what the instructors at ATD and the owner, Bill Hays, have given me. Whether you are checking your pilot’s license off your bucket list or changing a career, ATD is the most down to earth, family-oriented environment that truly makes it the best place to accomplish your dream of becoming a pilot.”
-Bryce Johnson, First Officer at Trans States Airlines

“I researched many flight schools around the Kansas City area before deciding on ATD Flight Systems. The main thing that attracted me to ATD was how friendly and enthusiastic everyone was when I came in to inquire about flight training. I received my private and commercial license, as well as my instrument rating, through ATD. From my experience, the training you get from ATD surpasses aviation college training courses because the instructors at ATD love what they do and want to be there. I was priveleged enough to work for ATD while working on my ratings, which was great for networking purposes. I am currently in pilot training for the U.S. Air Force, and so many of the things I’ve learned at ATD have helped me so far—not just the flight training itself, but I also find myself remembering little tid bits of information that one of the instructors would give me over lunch or during a random conversation. I still keep in touch with the owner, Bill Hays, as well as a handful of the instructors and other pilots I met while working and flying at ATD.”
-Kenny Carr, 2nd Lieutenant for the United State Air Force

“Five years ago, as a busy professional and avid aviator, I searched for reliable aircraft rentals, and ATD Flight Systems came highly recommended to me. What I have discovered over these years is an exemplary, comprehensive aviation services company whose rental aircraft are well maintained and available, whose standards of pilot training and skill maintenance are excellent, and whose personal attention and service is unsurpassed.”
-Nicholas Comninellis, Research Medical Center Physician

“ATD Flight Systems was a fantastic choice for my flight training! All of the CFI’s were great instructors and enjoyable people, and I highly recommend ATD!

Gary was a great instructor and a good fit for my personality, but I also got to ride with three other instructors during my training which was very beneficial.

I’m extremely happy with my choice of ATD for my flight training. They have multiple instructors which provides flexibility in scheduling as well as a personality fit. They also have low-wing, high-wing, and complex aircraft for training and operating out of a tower-controlled airport, which was also great training for me. Now that I’ve finished my private pilot training, I plan to continue on at ATD for my complex endorsement as well as my instrument rating.”
-Brian Stevens, Private Pilot

“Jim is a top-notch ATD instructor. It has been a true pleasure to work with Jim in further developing my proficiency and safety beyond a certificate or rating. His knowledge and enthusiasm are a great resource, and it is a pleasure to recommend him to others.”
-DuWayne Belles, Private Pilot